Koterov village square and its restoration

Current events:


The project “Restoration of the historic part of the village Pilsen Koterov, in order to preserve the cultural and historical heritage and expansion of tourism” was included into the package of investment projects. The funding was applied for within the fifth round challenge of the Regional Operation Program NUTS II south-west. The project was included as the third replacement project. We were unsure whether any funding would be provided at all, because as a replacement project there is the possibility to achieve only 30% of the required support, which would not be sufficient for the construction.

On 28 February 2012 the City of Pilsen received an announcement from the Regional Council that the support we applied for was granted as a new item of untapped finance was established. This item covered the whole required amount which was 27,605,977.50 CZK.

This project is about the reconstruction and renewal of the unique protected conservation area of the village – Koterov, declared by Regulation of the Government of the Czech Republic Act No. 127/Coll. on 1995. Reconstruction of this village square will not only improve living conditions for local inhabitants but will also significantly improve and renew the original character (nowadays greatly neglected) of this historic location.  There will also be new opportunities to hold unique cultural and social events that will support tourism growth in both Koterov and in Pilsen as a whole.

The project consists of two parts – construction and reconstruction of the sewerage system, water mains, new public lighting, landscaping, walking surface and roads including a third class road through the village square.

The commencement of construction began in September 2012 with an estimated completion within 124 days, on condition that no unpredictable situation occurs (e. g. archaeological find or unregistered underground wiring).