Koterov village square and its restoration

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Volunteer firefighters Pilsen - Koterov

founded in 1912

Emergency aid our mission

Volunteer fire Pilsen - Koterov is a civic associations active in the field of fire protection. The congregation is a member of the Association of Firefighters Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia and shareholder HVP . Currently the choir has 74 members. Firehouse is located in the village Koterov in the second měststkém perimeter Slavs, which is part of the city of Pilsen.

Emergency unit of the 18 firefighters currently has available cars , CAS 20 TATRA TERRNO and DA 12 - Avia A31 , also has a unit in the equipment of cars Škoda Favorit TA -I and since January 2005 VEA - 1 Skoda Felicia . In April 2005 it was purchased by our founder motorboat ZODIAC with accessories that should be used mainly for our community by regularly twice a year will affect local flooding .

The unit is classified in category III JPO , with a call within 10 minutes after the alarm and the effective distance to the site within 10 minutes. Extinguishing circuit is a district of the city of Pilsen 2 - Slovany. In collaboration with the Fire Brigade Pilsen Region territorial departments of Pilsen, extends throughout the district Pilsen - the town and its location on the border Koterov´s neighboring districts , but mainly in the neighboring district of Plzeň - south.

Every odd year organized in memory of former corps commander Memorial Jaroslava Šašek , it is competition in the fire attack . The first year of this memorial was held in 1985. Corps Commander and the Corps itself are owners or managers , collections of historical syringes with which propagate throughout the West Bohemian region not only voluntary, but also professional firefighters. Volunteer fire Pilsen - Koterov  is also one of the main builders "Fire Fighters Museum of the Pilsen Region" , which was until recently the state lock Nebílovy .

Since 2004 Volunteer fire Pilsen - Koterov began to work after a long stagnation with our youngest generation. All thanks to the new leadership team of young firefighters Veronika Krásná, that our children and future generations fully engaged in a series of competitions to achieve very nice results .

Since the second half of 2006, fully working in our unit climbing group . A team of climbers made ​​each month very intensive training . Now we are preparing a small photo gallery of the training, but also the underlying interference.

More information on the website: http://www.hasicikoterov.estranky.cz/



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