Koterov village square and its restoration

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The project "Restoration of the historic part of the village Pilsen Koterov in order to preserve the cultural and historical heritage and the expansion of tourism", was included in the package of investment projects for which funding is requested, we are the 5th call of the Regional Operational Programme NUTS II Southwest. This event was classified as the third replacement project, that we have been waiting for, whether they will be given some money, because as a replacement project can be acquired only 30 % of the aid , which the proposed work was not enough.

On 28. February 2012 was the address of the Statutory City of Pilsen notification from the Regional Council, that was formed in the support, where we asked for a subsidy appropriation of unspent finances and that this covers the full amount requested subsidy , which is 27,605,977.50 CZK.

This is the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the cultural heritage of a unique territory Village Conservation Area Koterov, declared by a government Czech Republic. The reconstruction of the square is not only significantly improve the living conditions of the local population, restore the original, now much neglected character of the historical sites, but not least opens the possibility of making unusual cultural and social events, that promote the development of tourism in this place and at the same time throughout Pilsen.

The project consists of two parts. Of the building, which includes the construction and reconstruction of sewerage systems, reconstruction of water mains, new lighting, landscaping, surface reconstruction and pedestrian trafficable roads, including roads III. class through the square.

Commencement of construction began in September 2012 with a construction period of 124 days, provided that you do not get any unforeseeable situations ( eg, archaeological excavations or anywhere unregistered underground lines).
Informace o projektu (PDF)


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